let the fun begin…

Okay, so I’m new at this whole blogging thing, but I’ve decided to give it a whirl, simply to give me something to do; or more like, I have a billion things to do (more on that later), but I wanted a place to kind of chronicle all the big stuff we’re going through right now. So where to begin? A little about me, I suppose. I just got married, like, just a little over a month ago, to my best friend. AND we have a baby boy on the way… in THREE MONTHS and we haven’t even started the nursery I just started working on the nursery last night. So I suppose this blog is going to document all of the fun we are going to have working on the house, starting with the nursery. We are living in my hubs’ house (that he bought back in 2001) so it’s already our home, just not our “family” home yet; and as I’ve been doing all this research and internet and blog scouring for inspiration for baby M’s room, I’ve decided I want to redo everything… and I mean EVERYthing. Realistically, we are going to be in this house for at least another five years, so I might as well have my fun with it, right?
So that’s what this blog is going to be. I just decided for sure right now. (Yes, I’m a little bit crazy, but hey, I’m six months pregnant, it comes with the territory) It’s my (or our) little way of documenting our transformation from our current home status to a little family home status. Starting with our son’s nursery. And I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with my massive “nesting”/”just because I feel like redoing it” to-do list and the start of the nursery.

1 thought on “let the fun begin…”

  1. I love this idea…most of all I love seeing you so content and happy!gesh…I just realized I am going to be a GREAT-AUNT for the first time. YAY!!! Love,Aunt Jan

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