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doin’ a little happy dance…

Okay, so I am way too excited to wait, so I’m gonna post this right now…
Came home from work today, and decided I was just gonna go ahead and paint the ceiling (while I try my hardest to decide how I want to split up the walls) so that it can just be done and taken care of. So, I got hubs to help me move the futon out of there, covered the floors, taped my walls (for a super clean line) and started painting:
 Have I ever told you just how much I hate painting ceilings? I despise the task. Mostly because I am too short for the job, and that’s with a four foot extension on my roller; I can’t hold even pressure on the darn thing and I get crazy gloppy lines all over the place. So Hubs comes back from dumping trash out of the garage and he does the second coat for me (my knight in shining armor) and as it’s drying, I eat a quick dinner and ask him about how we should do the white stripe dividing the blue from the green. Should we do a small, narrow line right in the middle, or make it bigger and fatter to give more separation between the two colors, kind of like the sky and the grass?? One benefit of marrying an electrical engineer is all the cool tech-y tools and stuff we have jam packed in our garage: Mr. Tech-y brings in his handy-dandy laser level and we figure out how wide we want the stripe and… voila, a perfectly level, perfectly taped stripe at the perfect height!
We cheated, just a little bit, by turning the top line of the existing green into the bottom line of our white, so we really just had to laser the line for the top of the white. The picture on the bottom is with just one coat, though we ended up doing a total of three, for perfect coverage of our perfect line. 
So next up is the green (Valspar’s Everglade Glen) and blue (Valspar’s Sea Kiss) paint, which look something like this:
 Now, the paint swatches that we picked up from Lowe’s match the crib bedding exactly, but these digital versions are off just a smidge. The green is less olive-y and more lime-y on the paint chip and the blue, well, it’s actually pretty darn close. And here is the inspiration for our little boy’s room:
I’m not quite sure if we’re going to actually put anything in our white stripe, it’s wayyyy too soon for decisions like that, but maybe we’ll do something clever in there, because I think their bubbles look adorable. [photo from someone’s site, link won’t work]
And here is our adorable little turtle bedding set that we both absolutely fell in love with and bought almost immediately. Yes, there’s a story behind the whole turtle thing, two stories actually, but we’ll get to that some other time. Cute right? I know. So I’m thinking kind of along the whole “blue represents the sky” and the “green represents the grass” lines here, but without doing anything crazy like painting a mural on the wall. But still cute, in my opinion.
Well, that’s about all for now. My favorite part comes tomorrow….. ripping down all of my tape! For real, I know that I am a super geek, but pulling down all of my tape lines is my absolute favorite part of redoing a room. And I think I might just get up extra early tomorrow morning and do that before work. And after work? Maybe we’ll just get our “sky” and “grass” up on the walls?!

4 thoughts on “doin’ a little happy dance…”

  1. I also have a laser level and I have used the laser part zero times. But I do have ideas about how I can use it. (This doesn't count when I just used it as a laser to make a red spot, for no real purpose.)

  2. Uncle B – That laser level was a freaking miracle worker; it gave us a perfectly straight line all the way around the room and it only took us about 2 minutes to tape it all off!Brittany – Thanks girl! We (well, mostly just me) are pretty stoked about the idea! I think it's gonna turn out great!

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