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oh pregnancy…

I have officially gotten to the point in pregnancy where I am miserable all day, every day. I hear you saying, “Silly girl, you still have three more months of this!” to which I respond, “Oh dear, I know. *sad face* I knooooowwwwww.” I don’t sleep anymore, I feel like a zombie when I wake up and driving to work is scary sometimes because all I want to do is just close my eyes. I can’t breath out of my nose… heck, this monster baby has been squishing my lungs for so long now, I don’t remember what it’s like to take a big, deep breath (regardless of whether it comes out of my nose OR my mouth!). Everything hurts; especially my back, my hips, my ribs, and oh my abdominal muscle hate me every time I sneeze or cough… or breathe, for that matter. And my feet? Ugh. They start to hurt now after about ten seconds of standing on them. Lucky me, I can sit down and still get most of my job done while in said sitting position. And this little boy of mine still has three more months of growing and weight gaining to do. I don’t mind the kicking so much anymore, actually, it’s rather humorous to lay in bed at night and pull up my shirt and watch him dance around in there. It’s one of my favorite things to do now =D
On a silly, cute side note, baby M totally recognizes his daddy’s voice. In the midst of all the painting craziness last week, I plopped down on the couch while waiting for a coat to dry. M started kicking as soon as I laid down (mad, I suppose, that I had quit moving) but settled down after a couple minutes. So, about 15 minutes of closed-eye resting go by when Hubs walks into the room, asking one of the cats “Where is your mommy at? (at which point he sees me laying on the couch and says) Oh! There she is! What’s baby mommy doing?” To which baby M is thinking, “Oh! That’s my daddy!! I hear my daddy!!” and started kicking like crazy. So stinking cute. Look, he’s not even here yet, and he’s making mommy smile because of something cute he did. That made my day.
Anyways, back on track here…. I’m feeling miserable but I’m just glad that I have things to keep me busy and to look forward to for the next three months or so. Like all the cute nursery stuff I need to get done. Which is exciting because I want to make a lot of it. Like some really cute black and white cards like these from Wee Gallery to put near his crib to help stimulate eye development (because the contrast is good for a babies’ eyes to focus on):
And then I saw this absolutely adorable alphabet garland (on Etsy) for little boys and was totally inspired to make my own (cause I’m crafty like that):
And then I just typed something like “alphabet card” in Etsy and came up with all these splendid ideas:
 How cute would it be to make one of these adorable fabric pennant strings to match his nursery colors? I’ve seen a couple how-to’s on paper ones, but fabric would be so cute, too!
And what are the odds that this personalized alphabet name listing happens to say Mason?!?! OMG.
Last, but definitely not least, this clever little take on an alphabet print is to die for. I have been contemplating just painting his name on the wall above his crib, but something like this would oh so much cuter, and educational to boot!
But that’s all the nursery fun for now. I know it’s only Monday and I don’t have much to do here, but I suppose I should probably get back to work.

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