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wall art is addicting…

I have been searching and searching for not only ideas for how to tie in the alphabet in the nursery, but for different kinds of wall art. Actually, not really searching, more like, drooling over all the awesome things I would love to do, but it’s not really practical to have a billion things on your wall. But…it’s official. I have finally figured out how to put the alphabet on the wall. I’ve found my inspiration and decided to run with it (until I change my mind like… tomorrow?):
I know! It’s fabulous, right? I found this on Etsy while trolling for alphabet ideas. Except it’s over 200 flippin dollars. That is just too too much. And I know that I can make that for less.
And how cute is this little turtle? So adorable, I might just have to buy one to go along with our turtle theme. I love his little top hat… and, wait, is that a monocle? OMG.
 ModernPOP art on sale at
I know it’s slightly over-used now, I mean, practically everybody is putting tree decals in their babies’ rooms, but I love love LOVE LOVE this tree… the colors match M’s bedding perfectly and the leave are so stinkin’ cute! What to do, what to dooooo…
Well I guess for today, I’m just going to search for my fonts that I want to use for each letter of the alphabet. And drool some more over all the awesome wall ideas I have now for the rest of the house.

1 thought on “wall art is addicting…”

  1. LOve Love Love the tree idea and it is something that can grown age wise with him, verse some of the stuff that is more babyish. So many things can be done with the tree…way up to starting school. It could also be decorated for seasons and holidays…just a thought…kids love their rooms..At least Alex and Em love their rooms, so its important for it to be adorable! You have so really cute ideas…love you!

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