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oh happy day!

Okay folks, here it is… late post tonight and man, has it been a busy day…
Started out the day snagging some awesome home decor magazines at Half Price Books for just a couple bucks – why subscribe/pay news stand price when you can get them for $1.98 after someone turns them in?  Or how about for 50 freaking cents if they’re two months old?! That’s right, 50 cents, and I do not mind reading a magazine that is two months old.
I had a billion and one things going on at work today. It was just one thing, after another, after another… you get the picture, it was just one of those days;
Stopped in at Archivers at lunch time to get some supplies for a nursery project (more on that tomorrow) and walked out with some of the cutest paper ever. And so many good ideas for future projects;
Momma (aka G-Mom) stopped by my work and we talked about Mason and how huge I am (more like, how huge he is) and family and other stuff for a bit;
Went to Babies R Us with the mother-in-law (aka Nana) and ordered Mason’s crib and dresser/changing table combo… now I just have to be super patient (which I am NOT) for “up to 14 days” and wait for them to come in from the warehouse. They look like this, except we’ll have our cute boyish turtle bedding in there:
 Had a delicious dinner with some of Hubs’ family – where the first thing one of the cousins (who we haven’t really seen since before we went on vacation) says yells is “OH MY GOD! LOOK HOW BIG YOU ARE!” in regards to my ever-so-rapidly growing baby belly. Yes, I know he’s huge;
Came home from dinner and started working on said project, yay! I promise, I’ll fill you in on the good details tomorrow.
And now it’s bedtime, because we have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow morning. Where hopefully they will tell me that my actual due date is something like October 24th or something around there.

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