kitchen, painting

i must be crazy…

I don’t know what y’all like to do when you get home from a long day of work, but this girl right here? This crazy pregnant lady? Apparently, she really likes to paint. But seriously, I do love to paint. And when I got home yesterday, I said to the Hubs, “Man, now that we’ve started talking about it, I really really wanna paint the kitchen cabinets.” And what does he say to that? “Then go get the paint.” So I did. And that, my friends, is how I spent the evening last night. Painting my kitchen cabinets.
See what it looked like before?
And the other side, with the corner hutch and table?
Well, I grabbed a bunch of paint samples at Lowes the other day (I swear, someone just needs to buy/give me a bunch of paint decks, so I can have all of the colors right here at my fingertips, instead of having to make a billion trips to Lowes just to get samples). And I show them to the Hubs, and we pick a color we like and that’s what I purchased. I kind of had a color scheme going on in my head, dark cabinets, light brown/tan-ish walls, bright white on the paneling. I guess it looked kind of like this:
The cabinets ended up looking a little bit more grey than espresso, like I originally had in my head, but I’m just gonna work with it. I think part of the reason why I’m not really crazy about it right now is because the walls are still really dark, so now our sad little kitchen looks like a sad little dungeon kitchen. Which is the OPPOSITE of what I’m going for here. But anyways, here’s what I have done so far, just the frames of the upper cabinets (I suppose I wanted to make sure I liked it before I painted everything) and we’ll just call this “Stage 1”:
And what does all this mean? It means that when I get home around 6 o’clock tonight, I’ll be painting the base cabinets and all the doors. Woohoo! And it also means stay tuned… I’ll be back with Stage 2 pictures.

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