kitchen, painting

dishwasher? did somebody say dishwasher…

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is… Stage 2 of the cabinet project… the base cabinets finally got some love; so did the hutch and the fronts of the drawers. And the more Hubs and I look at the color, the more we like it. I think it’s safe to say “Fired Earth” is growing on us. It’s amazing how just a coat of paint on some old cabinets can totally transform a room.
The game plan for tomorrow after work is to get the cabinet doors painted so we can get our kitchen somewhat put back together… that is, until we rip the countertops off. You heard me, we’re getting new countertops! I am finally getting rid of those horrendous golden speck counters!
In other news, Hubs said the magic word today… dishwasher. That’s right. We do not currently have a dishwasher, nor has he ever had one in this house, and it’s about darn time we think about putting one in. So what does the Hubs do after says the magic word? He gets out the tape measure and measure the counters to see if we have room. But we already know the answer to that, because this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about putting one in… but there IS room for one. OH MY FREAKING GOSH! I want a dishwasher!!!
And in other other news, the color scheme for the kitchen has officially changed. I wasn’t quite sure how Hubs would feel about bright colors on the walls, so I went with my neutral plan in my head… but what other magical words does he say tonight? He says, “How are you going to bring bright color in?” YAY! So that did it, I grabbed the paint samples and told him to pick one he liked and we’ll go from there. And what did he decide on, you ask? None other than…
“Top Banana”
I know, the digital sample looks super crazy, but the paint chip (which in our experience, we’ve come to find out is like, 100% accurate with how our finished product looks) is a little more muted, but still really bright and cheery. I am just so excited, I’m bursting at the seams! I can’t wait to get the banana paint and look at countertop samples/colors and pick out a dishwasher!!! And now my search is on for some cheery contact paper/drawer and cabinet liners/just regular paper that I can line all my cabinet shelves and drawers in.
And do me a favor, cross your fingers and hope that Babies R Us calls me tomorrow to let me know that my nursery furniture is in =]

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