kitchen, painting

cue the dramatic music…

The cabinets are done, the cabinets are done!! Look how awesome they are:
I do have to admit, I was a little freaked out by the color when I first started painting them but now, I absolutely love them! Especially with all of the hardware back on; the silver drawer and cabinet knobs really pop and bring out the color of the cabinets. So, the Cabinet Project has officially come to an end and it’s on to the next one… the Wall Project. We still have yet to pin down the exact shade of yellow we want, but I might just start on painting over the paneling in the mean time.
I also made progress on some of the nursery stuff. For example, I checked on the status of the furniture and fingers crossed, I will be getting a phone call on Monday or Tuesday. And I worked on the Name Project a little bit more too. Now I’ve just got to figure out which wall I want to put them on. I got to thinking about the layout of the Alphabet Project and the Name Project, and the alphabet may have to be on the bigger wall, where the crib is supposed to go, to give me more room to spread it out. But we shall see when the furniture finally gets here…

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