kitchen, painting

that’s faux awesome…

Well, here it is… today is the day that I said “Sayonara!” to our terrible faux wood paneling…. I got the primer on. And a preggers safe, non-smelly, bonding primer at that (since an oil-based is way too odoriferous for me to safely use) all thanks to my favorite Lowe’s paint guy (who I’m sure is sick of seeing me, by the way, I’m only in there like, every other day). And tomorrow, if Babies R Us hasn’t called, we shall get two generous coats of flat white interior paint on top of this fabulous primer. Who am I kidding, even if BRU does call me and I come home with a crib and dresser, I will still get that darn paint on there.
So let’s rejoice in the epic awesomeness that is this white primer on top of my faux wood paneling… because let’s face it, who has faux wood paneling anymore? And just look at how much lighter the room feels after getting that white on there! (don’t mind the curious cat trying to shove her fat body in that air duct =] )

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