diy, nursery

woot woot…

 That’s right kids… my combo unit is in the house! (I realize that sounded way lame, but I just couldn’t help myself). After a frustrating two weeks of thinking that it hasn’t come in yet, I called today to be told that my order was canceled due to “lack of payment”. Well, you little poop heads, I’m sitting here looking at the receipt, so I find that a little hard to believe. Then they go looking for it only to discover that not only has it been sitting back there for two weeks with my freaking name on it, they apparently have a second crib back there for me. I suppose if I were having twins that would help me out but there’s definitely just one bug in there. So. Hubs picked it up today and we got it in the room. And yes, it’s full of clothes already (a big thanks to our awesome family and friends who have given us hand me downs and “couldn’t resist buying its”)
And I finally got the pennant done with his middle name on there. I originally was going to embellish each of the letters (aside from the cute border stickers that are already on there) but after looking at them the past couple days, I think I like them just the way they are. Fun and bright and full of texture and pattern, but not too busy. I loves it.

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