guinea pigs and busy bees…

I’ve been a slow-moving, but fairly busy bee lately. Obviously, I still haven’t gotten very good at updating the blog like I should, but I’ve just been getting little tiny things accomplished, so I figured I would save them for a big update… like this one, duh. So here goes.

The baby’s room is where the most progress has been made. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I’m almost finished in there. Of course, the Hubs still has lots of work to do in there, like putting up a new ceiling light fixture, putting a dimmer switch on said fixture, building custom bookshelves, and maybe a few little things, but we’re nearing the end of projects in the Bug’s room. (But of course, I’ll be all, “On to the next one! Which room is next?!” when the Bug’s room is finished) Let’s just take a look at what we’ve gotten accomplished so far and what we have left to do:

  • Paint walls
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint trim
  • Paint door and closet door
  • Buy crib
  • Buy dresser/changing table
  • Buy glider and ottoman
  • Find large area rug
  • Make/buy mobile
  • Make/buy “Mason”
  • Make/buy wall art < more details to come about this soon… hint: tissue paper art
  • Construct book shelves < more details about this soon, too
  • Find cute organizing baskets
  • Find hamper
  • Make liner for hamper? < decided we didn’t really one
  • Buy/make curtains
  • Line dresser drawers
  • Refinish floors?
  • Find new light fixture < found one tonight, now it’s just a matter of running to Lowes and getting it
  • Install dimmer on light switch < and we’ll pick this up when we get the light
  • Paint inside closet?
  • Organize closet
  • Find end table/nightstand for glider

    As I mentioned earlier, I painted the trim and the doors white (you can see it in the pictures above), to match the white paneling out in the hallway and kitchen, and we simply love it! If you look at the “before” pictures of when the nursery was the office, it looks so much cleaner and brighter now with the lighter walls and that wonderful pop of crisp semi-gloss white on everything else. We went to Target last night and got a rug, and I must say, not only do that cats love it’s shagginess, I love it too! Even though it’s still a little stiff – it is brand new, by the way – it’s a more plush kind of rug than the Flor tiles I was originally looking at; and I think it “warms up” the room a little bit, while still showing off our beautiful hardwood floors and being easy to vacuum. Oh! and we finally bought ordered a glider and ottoman to put in the corner; I cannot wait until it gets here! I sat in every single one on display on the sales floor at BRU and I did not want to get out of this one, made by Newco; it’s the “Serenity” glider in “chocolate chenille”… and it’s a little slice of Heaven on Earth, in my opinion. So whilst looking at the slew of photos above, just use your imagination and picture this delightfully cushy piece of furniture in lieu of the giant black futon.

    The closet is still kind of a work in progress. I had my baby shower for the Hubs’ side of the family two weeks ago, and the shower for my side of the family last week, so after finally getting just about everything put away, the closet looks like this, and we still have quite a bit more stuff we need to buy and store:

    Also keep in mind that when – yes when, not if – WHEN I get back into my pre-preggo clothes (which I am dying to do, I really really miss my jeans. And I must get back into them, because I added it up and I own over 1200 dollars worth of American Eagle jeans and pants, but I digress) those two buckets of clothes on the floor to the left will no longer be there, which will make room for more storage solutions as he gets older and his collection of toys grows exponentially. And I’m thinking about rearranging some things and putting his convertible car seat on the top shelf, or maybe we’ll just put it in the Hubs’ car, since it fits newborns all the way to toddlers, we’ll see. I decided to hang some of his clothes like nice button down shirts, overalls, and all of his sweaters and jackets; my OCD self  even got some cute little closet divider tabs to separate the different sizes of clothes. Once those buckets of my pre-preggo clothes are outta there, that will give me room to add a closet extender to get a second hanging bar. Instead of trying to screw a whole second rod into the wall itself, I figure adding one that hangs from the existing pole would make it easier to work around the hanging shelves on the right, without bunching them up and losing the bottom shelves. Said hanging organizer on the right holds all of his extra crib sheets, extra changing pad covers, multi-use pads (like sheet savers), flannel receiving blankets, burp cloths, and bibs. And for about 14 bucks from BRU, that was quite a steal for that much storage space. I’m still trying to work out where I want to keep his bath stuff… I’m thinking I might just clear off a spot on one of the towel shelves under the bathroom sink to put the Bug’s towels and washcloths; I mean, he doesn’t really have that many, and they don’t take up that much room. The Petersik’s over at Young House Love painted the inside of their daughter’s closet and it was amazing how such a small little detail can totally change a room; I’m still toying with the idea of painting the inside of the closet, only because it means I would have to pull every single thing out of it, after spending weeks trying to figure out how to organize/fit all of it in there. So anyways, the closet is still a little bit of a question mark. I’m not sure if I am totally happy with it yet, because we still have so many little necessary things left to buy and things are going to be unpredictably different once the Bug actually gets here. Cause that’s just how life goes with a newborn baby.

    If you can remember far back enough to my little “sneak peek” at the end of my last post, I also got the paneling in the hallway painted. And might I add, it looks just fantastic! After seeing the white paneling continue so smoothly into the hallway was all it took for me to take a stab at repainting all of the trim in the house white… starting with baby’s room. Yes, I used my unborn child’s nursery as the guinea pig for this slightly intimidating project, but it totally paid off. The crisp white trim around the windows and doors, the baseboards, and the room and closet door all look wonderful. Like they were meant to be white from the beginning. The Hubs was a little leery of my taking on of this project, actually, I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy for wanting to do what would turn into quite a hefty load of work, but he even admitted that it looked awesome. In fact, he said just the other night that he couldn’t wait for me to get the paneling in the family room painted because it made everything look so clean and fresh. And it really does; the areas that now have white in lieu of oak wood trim, etc look so much lighter and airier, it brightens up the whole entire area. So even though I have the daunting task of repainting the trim in the rest of the house, I am thoroughly pleased with the results and cannot wait to see how it all looks when it’s finished. But enough chit chat, here are the goods (I’ll upload more pictures tomorrow when I can take them in better light, it’s too dark to do it tonight… but for now, here’s another “sneak peek” shot, please don’t be mad at me)
    Tomorrow I’m hoping to make progress with making some wall art out of tissue paper (God knows I’ve got plenty of extra tissue paper laying around, especially now after all these baby shower gifts) and maybe even getting somewhere with making a mobile to hang above the crib. And who knows, maybe I’ll even surprise you with the book shelf plans… shoot, it’s not really a surprise anymore, is it?


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