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glide away with me…

Shut the front door. I am trying really hard not to scream right now because…. THE GLIDER IS HERE!! AND THE OTTOMAN!! AND THEY ARE OFFICIALLY AT HOME IN THE NURSERY!! Okay, I’m screaming now! And happy dancing! I’m so freaking excited because this means that the baby’s room is almost done! Okay, enough screaming-dancing-freaking-out-exclamation-usage.

Don’t mind the weird look to the fabric, this was before I got the vacuum out and cleaned it up a bit.
And just for hilarity, yes, I did capture Bibbs in mid-leap up to check out the new glider. =]

The little “mommy nook” next to the crib… I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time here.
The view from the glider; I finally got a changing pad up on the changing table and found some cute little baskets and a matching hamper.
Now the question is, where are we going to put the Bug when he gets here? =D

So. It’s officially official. The Bug’s room is almost finished. We’ve got all the big stuff done and out of the way; the painting, the crib, the combo unit, the glider, that’s all finished. Now it’s on to the little details, such as the mobile, the bookshelves, the toy storage, the wall art. Well, I’ve already started on the mobile… last night (and the night before, who am I kidding?) I sat in front of the television with my momma’s Cricut machine and cut out a billion about 300 two-inch circles for my mobile. And then tonight I parked in front of the TV, yet again, and worked on the top piece, which consists of a paper-covered 9″ chipboard circle. Truthfully, I’ve been kind of winging it with this whole mobile project, so I haven’t been very good about taking pictures as I go. But here are my “in-between” pictures, one of my top piece with some of the fishing line run through, and the other of my ginormous stacks o’ circles:

Here’s the top piece with the “leveling” lines run through and knotted together; the “hanging” line (to suspend it from the ceiling) will be attached last…  I think.
My billions tons of circles – solids on the left, patterns on the right

Obviously, my 9 inch top piece is not going to have room for all of those circles, both solid and patterned, but it gives me lots of room to play and experiment with how I want them arranged. At first I was just going to use solid colors, but the more I looked at my scrap pile from making his name banner and pennant, the more I realized it would be more fun to incorporate the patterns I’ve already used elsewhere in the room. Pretty smart thinking, eh?

As you may have noticed in some of the pictures above, the crib is currently stuffed full of blankets and baskets of toys and books and other stuff and junk. But now that the futon is outta there and we have the glider in place, I can see where I want my bookshelves, and now it’s just a matter of making it all happen! I originally saw these bright green boxes that I love, but I had trouble finding a tutorial on how to actually make them. Until I remembered that the Petersiks over at Young House Love built some for their daughter’s nursery. And then I showed the Hubs, and he liked ’em, so he’s going to build them!

aforementioned bright green shelves

aforementioned Petersik shelves

I suppose once we get bookshelves made and up on the wall, that will free up some baskets and tubs to put the Bug’s toys in. Or maybe I’ll look for some sort of stack of drawers, maybe with canvas bins or something of the sort. Who knows. All I know for sure as of now is that my little “mommy nook” looks fantastic and now I need to buy/find/make some sort of side table thing for my “mommy nook” so I have somewhere to put a book or glass of water during all those late night feedings. And now it’s time for bed.


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