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time to hang it up…

Despite feeling like I’ve been hit by a semi, I finished the mobile today, and it looks fantastic! After hours of cutting out circles, a few more hours of using a straight pin to poke tiny little holes in said circles, and more hours of trial-and-error guessing at how far apart the circles should be on each strand, I finally nailed it. And then after many more hours of lazily laying in bed, drinking hot tea for my throat, and listening to the sound of chainsaws and falling tree branches (don’t worry, we had some guys out today to cut down some trees), every single dot was strung and all 9 strands were on the top piece.

Baby’s view from below

Obviously, as he gets bigger I’ll raise it up higher – the string that suspends it from the ceiling is pretty long right now. And of course, the balloons from the baby shower won’t be there either.

But for something that I threw together after seeing a couple pictures of something similar, I think it turned out waaayyyy better than I expected. Looking back at the whole process, once I finally figured out the best way to string and knot each circle, it was actually a pretty quick process. Most of my wasted time was spent cutting out far too many circles; I was originally going to mix the solids and the patterns that I used in the name letters, but after seeing a test string of those, it just didn’t look right. So now that I know just about how many each strand needs and how far apart to knot them (two finger widths, by the way) I could probably crank another one out in a couple hours.

I hope the Bug loves to look at it as much as I do, it kind of wiggles if a breeze hits it… it’s kind of cute.


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