1 month down…

To my baby Mason ,
I can’t believe it’s already been one month since we brought your sweet little self into this world ! So much has happened these past few weeks ; our lives will never be the same , but we are so glad that you are finally here ! You grew quite a bit in your first month ; you weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces when you were born , 8 pounds 3 ounces at 2 weeks old , and 9 pounds 12 ounces at 4 weeks !

You look just like your daddy , from your little ears that stick out just a little bit , to your perfect little nose , all the way down to your little pincher toes. But you’ve got my eyes ( I really hope they stay blue ) and my mouth , too.

You don’t like sleeping in your crib… not at all. You’ve only been in there once since we brought you home. I think it’s because you really don’t like sleeping flat on your back. Even from day one , in the hospital , you had to sleep with either me or daddy , you would not sleep in the bassinet.

So at first , you slept in your bouncer a lot , but you got tired of that pretty quickly.

Then you started sleeping in your “bassinet” ( it’s not really a bassinet , I guess its kind of like a cradle ) , but you got sick of that pretty soon , too.

So now , even though everyone says that you shouldn’t , you just sleep on the couch with mommy. And you love it. Sometimes , you sleep for six or seven hours straight , which is pretty good for a newborn.

You are very alert for a newborn ; you love to just sit and study things , especially people’s faces. You are also really good at focusing on objects placed in front of you , and can follow objects pretty well. We call you our little “observer”. You recognize mommy and daddy’s voices and love it when we talk to you.


You hate getting your diaper changed and getting dressed – I mean really hate it. And don’t even get me started on bath time , that’s a battle all in itself. You don’t like being naked and you’re not afraid to let us know that you are unhappy. Your umbilical stump held on for dear life and didn’t fall of until the end of your first month , so you got sponge baths for a really long time.

We struggled with feeding you for the first two weeks of your life ; you had a really hard time getting latched on well enough to be able to eat , so we had to give you pumped bottles for a while. Once you got the hang of it though , you cluster fed all the time… like , pretty much your first four weeks of life were non-stop feeding.

Your first Thanksgiving happened this month ! You were two weeks old and it was your first holiday ; it was also the first time you met a lot of family on mommy’s side , like cousins and second cousins and great-aunts and uncles.

We got your newborn pictures taken and everybody loved them. Mommy can’t wait to have Lydia take your four month pictures!

You screamed a lot during your third and fourth week ; mommy and daddy weren’t really sure what to do with you , and it broke our hearts when you cried like that. But soon we discovered the magical powers of swaddling , and mommy did some research online and found a product called Colic Calm that made your tummy feel better and the screaming stopped ! This was also when we discovered that you love car rides and they almost always put you to sleep. You love , love , LOVE getting in your car seat and going in the “bye-bye box” !

Mommy and daddy threw away our broken Christmas tree last year , so we had to go out and get another one after Thanksgiving , which was the first time that we went somewhere without you. Granted , we were only gone for like , 30 minutes , and you stayed with Nana , but still , you were only three weeks old and that was a big , BIG deal for mommy.

Mommy is obsessed with your little baby feet and your perfect little toes ! You may have your daddy’s feet , but mommy loves them and I love taking pictures of them.

So , that what you’ve been up to this month. Lots and lots of growing. Lots and lots of observing. And lots and lots of getting used to being a small baby in this big world. You do something amazing every day , and we can’t wait to see what month two has in store for us !

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you ; after all , you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside. I love you more today that yesterday…

❤ Mommy


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