3 months down…

To my smiley baby Mason,
Holy smokes, it’s been three months already… you are getting so big!

We learned last month that you really like it when the picture on the TV changes. Well, your love of the TV has only grown since then! You got a lot of Baby Einstein DVDs for Christmas and you love watching them. Now that you are smiling and cooing more, you talk to the videos every time a new character comes on the screen, especially when you watch the Baby Neptune one.

 You aren’t really into any “games” or anything yet, but you love when mommy plays “peek-a-boo” with you. And you also love to clap your hands (with mommy’s help), so we sing “If Your Happy and You Know It” all the time… it always get a laugh!

 You looooove to talk! You talk to your pictures by your changing table and you talk to the ceiling fans; really, you talk to everything. You watch people when they talk to you and try to imitate the noises that they make. Sometimes mommy catches you singing along to music in the car; it’s super cute. A lot of times, you start talking, and then when you hear yourself talking, you talk even more!

We’re still battling with the whole sleeping-in-your-crib thing, but we’re making progress, sloooooowly but surely. And now that you’re starting to roll around a little bit, I can see that our days on the couch are quickly coming to an end… mommy better get her butt in gear and get you used to sleeping in your crib!

You laughed for the first time at the beginning of this month! Every once in a while, when mommy or daddy talks to you, you smile and then… all of the sudden you laugh! It’s so cute. When you were 11 weeks old, mommy took you out to run some errands in Castleton and we went to see Grampa at work. Mommy was holding you and Grampa was tickling you and all of the sudden, you threw your head back and laughed… and you did it again and again, every time Grampa tickled  you. It almost made me cry, it was so cute!

You’ve always cried when you’re unhappy (duh) but lately you’ve started making this adorable little pouty face when you’re mad or sad; it starts out with a little lip quiver, then you stick your bottom lip out and whimper a little bit. If your demands aren’t met promptly, or to your specific liking, the pouty crying begins and I can’t lie, it’s adorable.

We got you a big boy bath tub last month and you’ve liked it since day 1, but now… you LOVE it! Your movements are starting to get more coordinated, so now you can splash in the water. Actually, you do more of an “old man shuffle” and kind of wiggle from side to side and that gets the water splashing, and then when you feel the water splashing, you flail your arms and legs about and that just gets the water splashing even more. And you smile and laugh and coo with every splash.

You are starting to develop quite the personality. In one word? Gregarious. You thoroughly enjoy other peoples’ company, and you love to talk to people. You’ve been a little uncertain about people that you don’t recognize, but after you study their face for a few minutes and start to warm up to them, you just smile and coo and try to talk to them. You are still very alert (mommy and daddy get comments on that whenever we take you out places) and, if it’s possible, more observant than ever. Another trait that has come to light? You are very opinionated – you know what you want, you know how you feel, and you are by no means afraid to let us know. Going hand in hand with your studious behavior, you are also very curious; you like to watch things and when you do, I can almost see the gears turning in your brain. Lovey, lovey, lovey… you are so affectionate and you love to snuggle and get kisses. And you are a very, very happy baby – everything makes you smile and unless you are tired, you are almost always in a good mood!

And going along with your growing personality, you are starting to develop quite a few facial expressions!

Mommy loves watching you while you eat; you do such cute little things while nursing, it always makes me smile. At night, since we sleep on the couch, we usually nurse while laying down and we seem to fit perfectly together – for now, while you’re still so small. You are a natural born leg-kicker, but somehow you know not to kick me while nursing, so you just stick your leg up on mine and wiggle it back and forth. You also love to touch me with your hands; sometimes you lay your sweet hand gently on my cheek (although sometimes you do it not so gently…), but usually you lay it on my chest, up by my neck. And the further you get in to your feeding, the sleepier you get, and you try to burrow and grab onto mommy’s shirt. So sweet.

You are going through a phase where you don’t want to be put down very often. Needless to say, mommy needs to have her hands free so I can get things done during the day, so I bought a Moby wrap. Thank goodness! You like being in it, snuggled close to mommy, and I don’t have to hold you, so my hands are free to do dishes or work on the computer or fold laundry.

You are really starting to get control of your arm and leg movements; they don’t randomly thrash about as much. You have started to try and reach for things now, too – not very successfully at this point, but when you see something that you want, you kind of stick your arm out and lean towards it. Sometimes you get lucky and actually get a hold of the thing you want and put your death grip on it; you love to hold on to things and you’ve got a good, firm grip, so you don’t usually drop things very often. Since you’ve gotten more control of your arms, you’ve found your hands, and that is definitely a good thing! You suck on them all the time and mommy is a-okay with that. If you won’t take a paci anymore, you can chew on your hands all you want if it keeps you from screaming. Your legs are constantly in motion. Seriously. Except for when you are in a deep sleep, your legs move all. the. time. I think you’re gonna be a really good runner, or biker, or swimmer. And given the way you push your feet down, you may just be a race car driver.

You got your 2 month shots a few weeks ago and you weren’t not happy about it! It was a little bit of a delayed reaction when the nurse stuck you with first shot, but man, oh man, you screamed your little head off. You quit crying as soon as mommy picked you up, but you were fussy the rest of the day. You fell asleep as soon as I put you in your car seat to leave, and  you slept for a good couple hours once we got home. You even slept through all the hammering and drilling while mommy was hanging up your new curtains and putting your new bookshelf together!

You rolled from your tummy to your back for mommy during tummy time! And then a couple weeks later, Nana was watching you while mommy was at school, and you rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time! Mommy was really sad that I missed your first back to tummy roll, but Nana said you just threw your leg over the other one and rolled on over!

You love to look at yourself, either in the mirror or on mommy’s phone. We stood in front of the mirror this morning and as soon as you saw yourself, you started grinning from ear to ear. When mommy takes pictures of you on my phone, you like to get really close to it and check out the cute little baby on the screen.

You love it when mommy and daddy read books to you! You love to look at all the pictures, and when we read books that have a lot of words in them, you talk along with us!

Sometimes mommy just sits and watches you play or sleep; you are such a sweet sleeper, you look like a little angel when you sleep, and it melts my heart. Now that you’ve started moving around more, you grab for things when you play, like the little animals on the tray on your swing. Sometimes right after you wake up, you have these little quiet moments where you just lay there and look around at everything; I love these times and sometimes I lay my head down on your chest and hear your little heart beating so fast.

And no monthly summary post would be complete without your feet… because, yes, mommy is still obsessed with them!

 No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you ; after all , you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside. I love you more today that yesterday…

❤ mommy


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