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let’s get back on track…

Oh my, I don’t even know where to begin. This post is gonna be mostly words, so I’ll throw in a few instagram pictures of our growing boy to get you caught up.


I guess I’ll start with this. I am so far behind with the blog, I’m afraid I’ll never get caught up. I told myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to be better at posting once a day, whether it was a big post about a project I’ve been working on around the house, or even if it was just a few sentences about something silly Mason did. But let’s be real, life got in the way I slacked off and that just didn’t happen. But you know what? This blog is for me. I write when I have time, and lately, I just haven’t had time. Although it’s a great way for friends and family that we don’t see that much to stay updated, this blog is mine. All mine, all for me. And with all this craziness going on and about to get crazier, I need some sort of an outlet to let my random thoughts run wild. So it’s my resolution to myself to update more, only on the premise that this blog is my sort of “diary” in which I can sort my thoughts, vent a little, update family on stuff, and chronicle big changes in our lives, so that I can look back at them years from now and remember every little detail. 🙂


Being a mom can really be overwhelming sometimes. Being a mom and a wife and daughter, sister, employee, friend, photographer-on-the-side, and everything else? Well that can be overwhelming all the time. And now add student to that mix (I’m finally going back to school in January!) and we’re in for a crazy ride! Nothing could ever prepare me for motherhood; no amount of book reading or parent prep classes could cover all that material. It’s just something that you’ve gotta live and you’ve just got to DO it and see what happens. There are some thing I sure learned fast, like how to change a diaper with my eyes closed, how to feed Mason lunch I his high chair while eating my own and doing two other things at the same time. But little things like keeping up with the blog? When I finally have time to sit down at the computer and start writing, I get too distracted with Pinterest 🙂


So my new goal is to update when I can, how I can. I installed the nifty little WordPress app on my phone (what I’m using now actually as I’m laying here in bed getting ready to hit the hay) and I’ll just update little tidbits as I go, and finish them off when I get time to hop on the computer.


But enough of that boring stuff. Can you believe that Mason is going to be two a little over a month? I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he’s one, and now I’m already planning his second birthday! He has grown and changed SO much in the past year, I hardly even recognize him sometimes. And I didn’t even know it was possible, but I think I love him more and more each and every day. It started out as this tiny little love for this tiny little boy, but the more he grows, and the more he learns and understands things about himself and the world he lives in, my heart just swells with more love for him.


And in home improvement news, I’ve got a couple of things on my plate. I’m trying to wrap up the task of transitioning Mason’s nursery into his toddler room (more posts on that later), with just a few finishing details left to go. And once I get Mason’s room finished, its on to the master bedroom. I feel like once I have him settled in his new big boy room and he’s finally sleeping in there (yes my son is two and still sleeps in bed with us), it will be time to dedicate a space to just us – me and the husband, that is.   And my big project that I am so freaking excited about – we are redoing the kitchen! Yep, you read me right. We are FINALLY. Redoing. The. Kitchen!!! Even though I would love to rip out all the cabinets and get started on it tonight, realistically this project probably won’t start until next spring. But trust me, I’ve been planning and looking and dreaming, so I’ll update you on the plans soon!


I leave you with this last picture… Isn’t it amazing what a difference one year + one year can make? The shot on the left was when Mason was about one month old, the middle one was right before his first birthday, and the one on the right was just last week. Talk about melting my heart.



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