a brighter and more functional entry…

IMG_9719I wanted to get some updated pictures of the living room taken today, but it’s really overcast and dark inside, so I don’t think that’s going to happen today. Besides, there is currently a whole town consisting of ten Little People sets, Batman’s Bat Cave, and Joker’s Fun House spread ALL.OVER.THE.LIVING.ROOM.FLOOR. and I’m just too lazy to clean it up right now, just to take pictures. #atleastimhonestwithyou

Anywho, I did take the time to snap some pictures of our new entryway! A few months ago, we had all new windows and doors put in throughout the whole house. And boy, do I freaking LOVE my new front door! Our old door was solid wood with a teeny tiny square window in the top, and it made this entry feel so small and gloomy.

IMG_1590I specifically chose a door that would let in more light, and I am so glad that I did! And then one sad, fateful day, our coat rack fell out of the wall. And I’m talking screws, anchors, everything came out of the wall. I suppose I should have seen it coming, we only had about fifteen thousand jackets, coats, hats and scarves hanging off of it. Another small problem is that our “coat closet” is kind of like a back-up master closet and currently holds all of our sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, snow gear, etc, along with some other junk like our suitcases, a picnic set and the old pack and play. So since there is absolutely no more hanging space in the closet, all of our fifteen thousand jackets, coats, hats and scarves got tossed on the coat rack. Poor guy, he couldn’t handle our abuse and just gave up. And it’s not like M could even reach the hooks, so his jackets would always get thrown on the floor.

I have been pinning board and batten entryways for a while now, and it’s always been something that I wanted to do by the front door “someday”. And when our sad little coat rack finally fell out of the wall, I thought why not now? This was my first DIY project involving power tools that I essentially did all by myself. I measured everything, I made all the cuts on the saw, I nailed everything in, all by myself! I was pretty proud! I did have to have G help me get the shelf installed, and he did the caulking before the final coat of paint, but most of this project was all me, and it was sooo easy!

I started out by drawing out what I wanted the end result to look like.

IMG_20150131_135306244I made a trip to Lowes to pick up lumber, wood filler, hooks and a tube of caulk. I began by ripping out the base boards and quarter round, then filled and sanded the rest of the walls.

IMG_20150131_141020302I used 1x6s for the larger boards, and 1x3s for the smaller boards. The 1x6s went up first; the two on the outside of it all were the first boards that were measured, cut, and installed, and then I measured for the three boards that went between those. The horizontal 1x6s are the boards that we put the hooks on, so after they were glued and nailed to the wall, they got a couple screws each, into the studs, for extra strength. After all the 1x6s were up, I measured, cut, and installed all the 1x3s.

IMG_20150131_173026598Then came the fun task of filling holes and gaps. I used Elmer’s Color Change Wood Filler, and did a total of three layers and sanding in-between. G helped me get the shelf supports and the shelf itself installed, then the whole thing got two coats of primer, and three coats of Valspar Bright White paint in a gloss finish. After the first two coats of paint, G came back in and caulked the inside of all the inset panels, and above and below the shelf. Then the final coat of paint went on, and it was time to screw in the hooks!

IMG_20150209_105253168_HDRI just bought some simple hooks that were in stock at Lowes in an oil rubbed bronze finish. The bigger ones are these, and the smaller ones are these. After figuring out the spacing of the hooks, I screwed them into the 1x6s, and that was it! We absolutely love our new entryway, and it is so much more functional (and prettier) than before! I think the one thing I love the most is that M can reach his own hooks now, so his coats and backpack actually get hung up now, instead of just being thrown on the floor! For being a simple, weekend project, this has totally transformed our front entry, and it is so much brighter in there now! There were a few finishing touches I added to the space, including the artwork up on top of the shelf. All of the prints were free printables I had found on Pinterest, and the frames were just random things I had grabbed from around the house. I found a cute little rug on clearance for 6 bucks at Target but it was too thick for the door to open over, so I went back and got this little navy one instead. I sprayed the closet door hinges and knob with Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, since I’m planning on updating all of our door hardware to an ORB finish. I still need to add a small trim piece of both sides of the board and batten, but other than that, it’s finished and we’ve filled the hooks!

IMG_20150211_093633252_HDRThe walls were primed and then painted with some of our leftover paint from the living room, Target’s Devine Color in Horizon. The ceiling will eventually get a fresh coat of paint as well, but I’m still looking for the right light to hang up there, and I might as well do all the ceiling work at once! So I’ve got a light on my shopping list, new ORB hardware for the front door, and I’m also looking for a pretty little boot tray to put down there on the ground, to catch all of our wet and muddy shoes.


How about you, do you have a functional entryway or is it in need of some help? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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