house, living room

our new living room…

I finally got around to tidying up a little bit and snapped some “after” shots of our new living room! After comparing the before and afters of this room and seeing them on screen, I can hardly believe that this is the same room! The whole room feels so much brighter and larger, even though it’s still the same small space.


I still need to find some new curtains to hang up. These old ones from Ikea are still doing the job but I’ve been looking for something that has a little bit of a more subtle pattern, and maybe in a lighter teal or navy, instead of black. I’m also thinking about hanging some curtains over the window, too, and not just the sliding door. We like to watch movies on the giant TV and as it stands right now, there’s a pretty bad glare from the sliding doors, so we need some heavier curtains to block some of the light out.


IMG_9761The bar area looks a kajillion times better now, so much lighter and brighter after all the white paint! These built ins used to feel like they sucked half the room away into a deep, dark, wooded corner, but now it’s a heck of a lot lighter and it feels like more of a focal point in the room. We’re thinking about retrofitting the lower left cabinet space to put in a larger wine chiller, or maybe just a small fridge, since our old wine chiller bit the dust a while ago.

IMG_9765I wanted to keep more of a “relaxed” vibe in here, since this is where we do just that, relax. Instead of trying to find the perfect wall art to go up on the bigger blank wall, I decided to get G’s guitars out of hiding and mounted them up on the wall. They get played so much more often now that they are out in the open! And my little woven storage trunk is still doing a great job of corralling ALL.THE.TOYS. that get left in here. Out of sight for when we have people over, but still easy to get to when M wants to play!


One of my favorite spots in the whole room is this little gallery wall area. I didn’t want to put too much up on the walls, especially since we have the large gallery wall down the hallway, but I wanted a sweet little spot to hang some of our current favorite photos. I don’t update the frames in the hallway as often as I should, so this little burlap frame I got at Home Goods gives me the perfect spot to print out and hang my favorite instagram photos, and the tiny little clothespins make it so easy to swap them out! And that picture in the middle of the boys at the beach? Melts my heart every time I look at it, I don’t think I’ll ever take that one down!

There are still a few minor details that need addressed; some paint touch ups, the new curtains, and possibly painting or refinishing the wood end table, but for the most part, this room is done! Later this summer, we’re going to replace the door that leads to the garage and I need to get the door trim painted on the half bathroom, but after that’s done, we will officially have painted all of the orangey 70’s wood trim in this half of the house!


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