the kitchen redo: part 2

I’m back today to show you the progress I’ve made in the kitchen. This room is looking so amazing, and here is where we are so far!

IMG_9743Talk about feeling like a whole new room! The space is so much brighter and feels so much bigger than before. And this is just “phase one” of the whole project, I’ve got lots of new things coming up in the near future. One of the first things we need to tackle is the floor. This sheet vinyl has most definitely seen better days, and it’s time to replace it. The seam behind the kitchen table is starting to pucker and peel up, there are chunks missing from where a glass dish exploded on top of the stove and melted the floor away, and there are a thousand little “dimples” in the floor that are permanently dirty – I’ve tried every floor cleaning product and steam mop, all to no avail. We’re still not quite sure what we’re going to put in here; we’re definitely not doing wood floors in here, since it would be so hard to match it to the original hardwoods throughout the rest of the house. We’ve played with cork flooring samples, but we aren’t sure how that would look butting up next to the existing hardwoods in the front room and hallway, and then transitioning to the carpet in the living room. The biggest contender at this point is just to do new vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl would be the easiest option, since this room is so large, but I haven’t been too pleased with the selections available to us, everything we’ve looked at so far is either too dark or too orange looking. Vinyl squares would be a lot more time consuming to install, but there is a much wider range of colors and finishes to choose from, if we go that route. I really like the look of this Dolomite sheet vinyl from Lowes, since I’m wanting to keep the flooring a lighter color, close to what we have now. I also need to buy new area rugs for under the table and the area by the sink, but I think I’m going to wait until we get the new flooring installed before I decide. I wanted a burnt orange colored rug, but I also don’t want it to clash with the flooring, so I’ll just try to be patient. Easier said than done šŸ™‚

IMG_9741Next up, we need some pantry space. We have zero established food storage in this kitchen, so we’ve been using the lazy susan for canned goods and grains, the tall brown drawers to the left of the fridge for baking goods and other miscellaneous stuff, and the kitchen island and bakers rack for bread, snacks, produce, etc. We were originally going to buy tall and deep pantry cabinets and an upper cabinet to build in the refrigerator, but after staring at that corner to left of the fridge (for what seems like years), I think we’ve decided to just frame in and build an actual pantry closet in the corner. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, but there is ample room in that corner to have a full blown pantry built in, and I am super excited to get started on that now! Once we get the pantry built and relocate the food, the pots and pans will be stored in the lazy susan next to the range, and I can FINALLY take down that pot rack! I can’t tell you how many times I have banged my head into the hanging pans while trying to prep meals on that counter. It’s also really hard to see and talk to people sitting at the table with all those pots and pans hanging in the way! Another benefit will be adding a light above the counter, since the only real work light we have is on the ceiling fan. And when it’s dark in the kitchen and you’re trying to chop veggies on the counter, your body blocks all the light from the fan and you chop fingers off can’t see what you’re doing! I ran across this light on Painted Fox Treasures, and I knew as soon as I saw it that it would make an appearance in our kitchen. My style has evolved over the years and now I’m feeling like a kind of modern or industrial farmhouse, so that trough light will be the perfect addition to the space! And I know some people hate ceiling fans, but we are definitely keeping ours. We have four fans in our house and they get used all the time. I might pick a new one and replace the whole thing, or I might just replace the bulb covers on it, I haven’t decided yet. Part of me wants to replace it with something that has an oil rubbed bronze finish, since I brought that tone in with the cabinet hardware and potentially with the pendant above the sink; but another part of me doesn’t feel like putting a whole new fixture up there. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

IMG_9740Once we have the pantry built, the fridge will have to scoot down the wall about two feet. After we get all the food and miscellaneous junk moved into the pantry, we’ll really have no need for the kitchen island and bakers rack, so they will be history! I’m pretty sure that bakers rack is actually a death trap in the making, and now that M has discovered that he can climb up the shelves, it is definitely time for it to go! I’m currently on the hunt for an awesome, old sideboard or buffet to put there on the wall, to help store our larger serving dishes and things we don’t use as often. And if I can’t find one that I like to refinish, I might just get adventurous enough to build this one, from Ana White. It’s freaking awesome, provides so much concealed storage, and I’ve been wanting to tackle a bigger building project, ever since I finished the board and batten in the entryway.

IMG_9739(Random thought: Can you see the chunks of floor that were melted in this picture above? It drives me crazy!)

I’ve been struggling with trying to decide what to put on this wall. Originally, we had some small art prints hanging here, but they were so small compared to how large this wall space really is. I had mentioned how fun M’s chalkboard is in this post about the gallery wall, and now I have officially decided to do a HUGE chalkboard on this wall! I have so many ideas for decorating it and there are endless possibilities for a chalkboard in the kitchen, especially when we entertain so much! I’m still searching the wide world of the internet – and pinterest – for ideas for a new light fixture above the dining table. I want to find something that will fit just right in this space, so I think I’ll wait until we get the new pendant above the sink and the awesome island light installed, so I can get a feel for what will flow well with everything else in the space. The ceiling also needs to be repainted, and there is a patch of ceiling plaster that has cracked and crumbled from old water damage up in the attic. But since we’ll be hanging all new light fixtures and patching holes in the ceiling, I figure I’ll just do all the ceiling work all at once. The last thing on the list in this area is a new rug for under the table, it just looks so naked without one!

IMG_9748One thing we absolutely need, and use the most, is eating space! Whenever we have a get together for a birthday, holiday, or just because, people always seem to congregate in the kitchen, whether they’re helping to cook, or just hanging out, talking with everyone else. We’re always maxed out on table and counter space for people to eat at, and we definitely don’t have room for everyone when we have Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house. I’ve found an amazing extendable table at IKEA, and I absolutely love how easy it is to expand it to fit more people. But I also ran across this tutorial for building an extendable, Restoration Hardware knockoff table, and I love the way it looks! I’m also on the hunt for some new counter stools, and I’m thinking of adding four this time, instead of just the three, since we have room at the end to slide another stool under there.

IMG_9749This little corner shelf turned out so cute! I had originally wanted to rip it out, since we didn’t use it for much and it got in the way of seating when we have a lot of people over. But after G suggested I paint the inside white, instead of the same cabinet color, it pops so much more, and I’ve finally found a good use for it! I used to keep my cookbooks on the bookshelves in the front room, but they fit perfectly here, and it’s so much easier to grab one while I’m in the midst of cooking dinner! Don’t mind the mason jars full of Easter candy, those aren’t there anymore. And I love having a place to keep some of my favorite pieces in the kitchen.

So that’s where we are so far! The to-do list is still a mile long, but we are getting there and making a lot of progress!

Kitchen To-Do List:

  • fill and sand walls
  • paint walls
  • fill and sand trim
  • paint trim
  • patch ceiling
  • paint ceiling
  • paint paneling
  • new windows
  • new ORB door hardware
  • new flooring
  • rug for sink area
  • rug for table area
  • paint upper cabinets
  • paint lower cabinets
  • paint corner shelf
  • replace or refinish counters
  • new sink faucet
  • large chalkboard
  • build pantry
  • tile backsplash
  • new dining table
  • new dining chairs
  • new counter stools
  • remove potrack
  • pendant light above sink
  • island light above counter
  • light above table
  • under cabinet lighting?
  • new fridge
  • new range
  • new ORB cabinet hardware
  • replace ceiling fan?
  • sideboard or buffet

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